Welcome to nightfaller legends !

What is Night Faller Legends?


NightFallerLegends is a community game based on FPS (First person shooter) multiplayer fantasy. Join the game and play with hundreds of players online! Play , store , buy and upgrade to become a legendary warrior in the nightfall hills ! Game is free and will always be so be sure to download it and tryhard to get in the first places!

NightFallerLegends is known with its multiple gamemodes and currencies , moreover , Normal & Ranked are the most popular and available modes in the game, (more will be added in future updates) , also with its curriencies IS & D (Ice sticks and Diamonds) 
Ice sticks are gained in normal and ranked games and when leveling up.



Download the directly the game from this website (up) and open it .
If you already have an account , just login , otherwise , click on "Register Page" to create your account and log into it.
Once it's done , hooray! You can join the game and play, play on the "Play" button to start a game and choose your mode , Normal is recommended.
Fight against your enemies with abilities (Update 1.1.4) and with your weapon to get as much kills as possible! Once you've done , press "Escape" to conclude your game and win your prizes!


While to get diamonds , you need to play ranked games and to level up either to level 50 or 100 , or buy them directly by real money (not available for the moment)

updates :

Game is updated regularly , so be sure to install the game so you don't miss any of the future updates !

Update Notes are posted here.

Devlogs are also posted on Gamejolt : Link to gamejolt.



contact :

Feel free to contact game's devloppers for any reason :) 

Or send your email to : aouabsss@gmail.com

Or simply join us on discord here.


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