Incoming Update 2.0

The major update v2.0 is coming soon!

This major udpate will have amazing features, such as emotes, available ranked system etc...

What is Night Faller Legends?

Night Faller Legends is a 3d-focused multiplayer-based fantasy games , in wich you can level up while playing games against other players , gain currencies and buy fun stuff to amaze your friends!

Multiple Maps

Night Faller Legends offers multiple gamemodes and maps, in wich your can play with your friends!

Each one having its unique rules and more will be available in future releases.

Stores and shops

Night Faller Legends have a huge fun store where players can buy amazing emotes , passes , packs and much other fun items to use in-game!


Night Fallers are not only here to have fun, but as well to tryhard , we offer you a huge ranked environement where you can rank up and down to reach high ranks within seasons!


OS : Windows 7+ , x86 / x64 compatible

CPU : Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 

Memory : 2 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space : 200 Mb

Video : All graphics cards supported.

Sound : DirectX compatible

DirectX® : DirectX® 11

Internet : Broadband
Mac OS X

Not available